Building our Legacy

By Helping You Build Yours.

"We believe the biggest purchase of your life, a home, should be a simple, smooth, and enjoyable experience."

We are Real. honest. authentic.

We are The
Legacy Team.

People often experience perceived limitations, confusion, and overwhelm when it comes to financing real estate and do not realize the options available to them. 

As a mortgage brokerage, Home Financial – The Legacy Team offers options, solutions, inspiration, and a clear path to achieving your real estate dreams.

We will walk you through this journey with clarity, confidence, and a customized strategy as you build your legacy of generational wealth through real estate.

The Broker Advantage

A broker can take your circumstance and see what lender at that particular time is offering the most competitive rate and cost for you.

The Seven Values We Live By

Legacy. Generosity. Compelled. Uncommon. Daring Greatly. Authentic. Vitality. We lead and live by these seven values.

It is our mission to find

The Right Loan For You

Below are all valid questions that we ask ourselves when thinking of buying a home. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances when it comes to qualifying and financing. Let’s chat and let us help you find the right loan for you.

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We are here for you.

How Can We Help?

Do you have questions when it comes to financing? To homeownership? Reach out to us. We are here to be a resource to you. Let’s figure this out together.

"Our hope is to build our legacy by helping others build theirs. We are compelled to help and walk with those who desire to achieve this dream, no matter what we need to walk with them through to get them there."